We are a full service web design development firm. As such, our services can be broken down into four major areas: site design, site promotion, site management applications development.

Site Design

Our creative vision blends with design expertise to form uniquely appealing web sites. Typical project scenarios include:

  • Total redesign of existing web site.
  • Modest enhancements to existing web site.
  • Design professional functional interface for a corporate extranet.
  • Design appealing usable interface for an online community.
Intranet Applications Development

Our proprietary GroupIT EngineTM powers Web Sites Intranets throughout the world. Features include:

  • Access control with user accounts workgroups
  • Browser-based page updates. No programming required.
  • Visitor sales tracking.
  • Online ordering.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Link directories.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Document folders.
  • Events.
Site Promotion

We take the term Viral Web Marketing to a new level, can build a strategy for your web site that will deliver results complement established marketing efforts. Our viral marketing strategies can include:

  • Search engine submission optimization. Getting ten visitors per day, but want one hundred? Getting one hundred, but want one thous? We can help.
  • Link development.
  • Content partnerships.
  • Online participation.
  • Email newsletters.
Site Management

Once we deploy your web site or extranet, we can build a customized maintenance contract that’s right for you. Site management responsibilities may include:

  • Pro-active changes to improve sales-conversion.
  • Modifying or adding web pages.
  • Updating databases.
  • Traffic auditing.
  • Data backups.
  • Site monitoring.
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